Dear little love…

It is amazing how much I already love you. Seems kind of silly even, seeing as you are just the size of a little applessed, you look like a little tadpole, and I haven’t even seen you yet.  But I do. From the second I first new I was pregnant, I was already falling in love with you. I am in love with the idea of what you make me, a mother.  I hope I am a great mother to you over the course of your sweet life, and that even when I fail you, because I am only human and I undoubtedly will, you remember to give me grace and another chance.

Church was great for me this week, it reminded me that you don’t actually belong to me and your dad but you are a gift that God is trusting us with.  That thought is helping me to trust God for you and your health.  I have had fears about being able to carry you, and actually seeing you in 9 months. I know so many friends who have had multiple miscarriages, it has been hard not to let my mind wander there sometimes and fear for you. Today as I took communion though, I reflected on the fact that when Jesus died on the cross, his body represented our healing and wholeness. That was comforting to me, and gave me such a sweet peace that God is knitting you together perfectly.

I love you already, I can’t imagine how much this feeling will grow over the rest of your life. I am so blessed to be entrusted with you, I promise that I will take the best care of me that I can so that I can in turn take great care of you. Can’t wait to meet you, even though right now it seems like light years away!


5 Weeks!

Time flies when you are having fun. Wait that is not what I meant to say at all, what I really mean is that this last week went by so darn slow!  I just want to fall asleep and wake up at the 12 week mark, when we know that all is good and smooth sailing! Right now our little love is just the size of an appleseed, which is a HUGE increase from its poppyseed status last week. It’s heart start beating this week as well, and I love thinking about that little teeny heart already pumping life to its rapidly developing organs and other major systems.

All things considered, I feel great.  Aside from some early symptoms like bloating and boobs that just jumped two cup sizes, I can not complain.  I am certainly sleeping more, but I can not say that I feel tired. Somehow it just happens each night that by about 8 o’clock I am passed out on the couch. Not my intention when I curl up with a book or a favorite show, it just happens.

We told our families this week, and that was a LOT of fun! Anti-climatic at first, Michael’s mom didn’t answer, my parents didn’t answer, and Nobie and Cynthia, our California parents were on their way to dinner and had to call us back. Thankfully Whitney, Michael’s sister did answer, and although she nearly drove her family off the road while returning from an ice cream outing, her excitement and tears were well worth it! Eventually all of the parents called back and got to share in the great news, and there was a lot of joy going around!  Everyone is sworn to secrecy right now, we want to wait until we see that sweet little heartbeat on the screen before we make any big announcements. I think that Michael could hold the secret in forever, but I am bursting at the seams to tell everyone!

I do not know that craving is exactly the right word for what is going on right now, but I have a hankering for Starburst Jellybeans pretty much every minute of the day. It could very likely be the fact that I was tracking all of my food and calories before pregnancy and now I have relaxed so that has ‘freed’ me up for a high calorie treat, but whatever the reason I have given in, and they certainly bring me a smile mid-afternoon. Thankfully I am really enjoying brisk walks right now, and we have even had some lovely Spring-like days, so hopefully I am keeping some of those extra calories in check!

4 Weeks

It is crazy to think that I am already 4 weeks, and I have only know that I am pregnant for a few days.  I hope that the next couple of months go by just as quickly so that I can be into the second trimester where the risk of any miscarriage drops dramatically. My feelings are all over the place right now, but mostly I feel thankful.  I am grateful for the 5 months of trying to get pregnant, difficult as they were, because they have made me so thankful to be pregnant know. I know what a blessing this is, and I couldn’t be any more overjoyed for this gift that God has trusted to Michael and I.

I wake up each morning with so much gratitude, I hope that this is a feeling that continues for a very long time.  Speaking of waking up, the past week it has been so easy. I am awake before my alarm and unable to sleep any later.  It could be because my mind is going, planning and thinking about what is to come, but I do know that I will enjoy it because sooner or later the exhaustion that usually comes with the first trimester is probably headed my way.

This little baby, that is currently only the size of a poppyseed, already has my heart. On some level, it has already made me a mother, and I find myself already falling in love with it. I am so cautious of what I put in my mouth, considering that this little love with only get nutrients from me, I am trying to get in the habit of making every bite count. I am making sure to get 2-4 miles of  walking/running in every day, because I know it will be easier to keep in the habit as I get later on in pregnancy that to try and start from scratch.  Little habits now will hopefully lead to a healthy pregnancy in the coming months!


After 5 months of trying to make a baby, it seems as though Michael and I have been successful.  While all the feelings associated with trying to have a baby deserve a post all of their own, this one is dedicated to the fact that we are having one!  In October Michael and I decided to quit preventing pregnancy and just see what happens, and in February, our little miracle was created.  The months in-between were trying for me, as I wanted it to happen right away, but looking over our next year, it happened exactly when it was supposed to.  We are preparing for baby Rorabaugh to join us around November 2, 2012, smack dab in the middle of football season!

Because all of our family is spread out in different states, and no one is around to see the day to changes and hear what is going on as we get ready for baby, we hope this blog will keep everyone in the loop.  We want everyone to get to be as involved as they want, so follow along here for all the fun details, the necessary belly shots that the mommas and sisters are asking for, and a glimpse into how I am feeling week by week.  We are so excited to be adding to our family, thanks for coming along for the ride!

All things Loved March!

1. Starburst Jellybeans! No other jellybean is acceptable, but these are amazing to me.  I swear they taste just like eating real fruit, and I can pretty much trick myself into believing I have gotten a serving of fruit just by eating these!

2. 21 Jump Street. If you haven’t seen this yet, do it! I had my reservations about Channing Tatum doing comedy, but honestly I think he was spot on, and together with Jonah Hill it was non stop laughs.

2. Whole Foods Sparkling Blood Orange Italian Soda. Holy stars this is amazing! We love all of the flavors, but the blood orange one is by far our favorite. So crisp, refreshing, and bubbly!

3.  My awesome church, Flatirons Community Church. We just wrapped up the most awesome series, Reverse Engineering and I feel truly blessed to be under such awesome leadership and teaching.  Truly the best series I have ever had the opportunity to enjoy,  and I was truly eager to get to church each week and hear it!

4.  My small group. March was a really challenging month for the lovely group of ladies that I get to do life with, and I know that I am blessed to work through life with them.

5. 21 Jump Street. If you haven’t seen this yet, do it! I had my reservations about Channing Tatum doing comedy, but honestly I think he was spot on, and together with Jonah Hill it was non stop laughs.


6. Another season of the Bachelor. I know, seriously it is embarrassing to fess up to this love, but it is true, and there were few things I enjoyed talking about more on Tuesdays that the mess that was the Bachelor the night before. Oh the manufactured drama, I just can not get enough!

I haven’t been great about posting recipes or menus lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been in the kitchen most nights.  I thought I would share some recent favorites that we have been enjoying, and it always helps me to come back here and revisit when I am meal planning for future weeks!

I still can’t get enough of these fish tacos from Cooking Light. If you haven’t tried them yet, just do it.  I love them, most recently with Ono.

I make a pot of this soup at least 2x month. It is a sad day when there is none left in my freezer when I go to pack my lunch. I eat this almost every day, and I am still not sick of it! Make sure to add a rind from a wedge of parmesan, it makes this soup that much better!

This Butternut Squash Risotto has to be one of the best things that I make. Michael would like to see it weekly on our menu, and I wouldn’t mind. Worth the minimal effort, and it oven bakes to finish saving you lots of time that a typical risotto dish would require!

I still love this chicken dish, hands down my favorite way to eat chicken right now!

This easy dinner is outrageously good and simple. I always use ground turkey instead of beef and add some black beans for some extra fiber. You won’t be sorry you tried this one!

1. These Julie pants from Ann Taylor. I love them and wear them every day. Best fit I have ever had on a pair of pants, I really am crazy about them!

2. My Starbucks Gold Card!! How cool am I? Okay, not that cool, it just says I spend too many mornings at Starbucks, but I get an unbelievable amount of glee when I pull my Gold Card out of my wallet every morning to pay for my beverage of choice!

3. Wedding Dress Shopping. Baby sister Mel is getting married, and we had a great weekend in Denver shopping for a dress for her. It was fun to have all of the girls together for the weekend, and Mel is going to look so beautiful when she walks down the aisle in August.

4. My well stocked freezer. Someday I need to share a post with you all about that, because few things make me happier that opening my freezer every night when packing my lunch and having at least 4 or 5 homemade frozen meals to choose from. It is especially great to know that there is no preservatives or fillers in my midday meal, and that it is full of healthy grains, proteins, and veggies. I look forward to my lunch each day because it is just a boring old sandwich!

5. Celestial Seasoning Teas. I probably drink about 6-10 mugs of this every day.  Pretty much any one of the herbal varieties make me happy, but I am especially loving the Raspberry Zinger and Black Cherry Berry.  I love that they are a local company ( I have even toured their factory a couple of times) and  that I am staying so hydrated.