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October 29, 2012

3:55 am

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2012 vs. 2011

2011 was a get healthy year for me.  I lost 25 pounds following Weight Watchers and feel absolutely great in my skin.  I introduced a lot of new foods into our diet, and a lot of them have stuck around and are things that we still eat regularly.  I don’t wish to lose anymore weight in 2012, for me this year is about getting physically fit.

Physically fit is far too broad of a goal though, so I have come up with some specifics behind that statement.  First I would like to build some more muscle tone.  I plan to accomplish this by various videos that I currently own, along with some Body Pump type classes at the gym.  I took my measurements last weekend which will help me know how I am doing on this goal.  I also want to increase my cardio endurance.  This will be accomplished through running.  I ran my first 5K last week (more on that in another post), and I loved the experience.  I see more of these in my future, each one with the goal of improving my time.

I am excited about the changes that I already see and feel in myself through the running that I have been doing for the last month, and I can not wait to see more changes.  While weight loss may be a part of these changes I am making, it is not the goal, it would just be an added bonus.  I am looking for changes in the shape of my body and the way that my clothes fit.  I will keep you updated along the way!

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Well Hello 2012!

Crazy to believe that we are staring another year down right now.  I have truly hated New Years for as long as I can remember. Much the same way I hate birthdays, New Years has always been a measurement of time passing. Time passing too quickly, flying by before I accomplish all the that I have set out to do.  This year I am approaching 2012 with anticipation. I am not going to dread it, mourn each day and month as it passes, or allow myself to grow disappointed with what I haven’t completed.  ThIis year, I am going to own 2012! While resolutions aren’t exactly my thing, I can not help but be somewhat revived by the fresh slate that a new year gives and come up with a couple of things that I would like to work on.

1. Workout 3x a week.  I lost 25 pounds last year and I have no intention of finding it again this year.  I have started running and am actually enjoying it and having some 5Ks planned will help keep me going. I am also really looking forward to getting back on my road bike. I have a 150 mile ride planned for late June, and I can’t wait to tackle it!

2. Eat out only 1X a week. This includes lunch and/or dinner.

3. Get crafty! My Pinterest craft boards are exploding with function and cuteness, now it is time to bring some of that into my house.  I promise to share what I get done with all of you. Actually I promise to share what turns out presentable with you.

4. Get to know my camera a little bit better. I have a lovely camera that I am afraid to take out of auto mode. It is a big shame to be so unfamiliar with it. I may do some Wordless Wednesday posts just to get myself taking some pictures and posting them.

5. Give my husband more of me. Talking with a friend this weekend I realized how much of my ‘leftovers’ I give to Michael.  Small bits of conversation while I am making dinner at the end of a long day, a half ass smooch when he walks in the door after work, my limited attention at night when he get in bed because I can not pull my head away from my book. I only have 1 husband and lifetime to be the loving and attentive wife he deserves, hopefully through this next year I can show him a little bit more how much I appreciate him.

6. Get a passport and use it! Enough said, I turn 28 next month and aside from Mexico and Canada I have never left the country. It is high time for me to see a little something besides North America!

7. My 2012 motto, interpret as you wish

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Season of Reflection

Growing up in a non denominational church, Lent was not something that we observed. As an adult now (well as adult as one can be) with my own faith, I  find the fact that most ‘main-stream’ non denominational churches overlook this season disappointing.  Easter is the cumulation of our Christian faith, who we are and where we are going is so tied up in this one day, it seems shameful to come upon that holiday with no reflection upon  it.

Easter isn’t just about the Resurrection, a blessed dinner with family and friends, or my personal favorite the Cadbury chocolate eggs.  There is an immeasurable amount of sacrifice leading up to Easter, and the season of Lent is ment for reflection upon that.   A time to remember all that we have been freed from, a time to consider the great sacrifice that was made for us, and a time to move closer to God rather than farther apart. I love the following excerpt from lifeingrace, it deeply resonates with me, almost like through it I can hear God calling me to him:

            ” We learn from our Father by spending time with Him. There is much He wants to teach us and much that needs to be changed in us. But more than all that, He wants to give us Himself—-knowing that we were created for relationship with Him. And  nothing will satisfy the deepest longings of our soul save Our Father’s perfect love.   Lent is time to retreat with Our Father. To confess to Him that we have wandered so far from home and that we have become far too ‘comfortable’ in the pleasures of this life. To confess to Him how utterly dependent we have become on everything, but Him. And He will gladly ‘receive’ us back with open arms:  not because we demonstrate to Him our growing discipline and holiness,  but for the sake of Christ and Him alone.”

This makes me long to retreat to my Father, who unfortunately takes a back seat far to often in this life of mine. Part of the tradition of Lent is giving up something, and this year Michael and I have decided to forgo alcohol and dessert. Drastic for us but doable, something we will miss enough that I know we will often find ourselves moving our thoughts from thinking of what we are missing to reflecting on the purpose of fasting the item. I hope that as I move through the next 40 days of lent, I find more time to spend with my thoughts, my bible, and the sacrifices that were made for me.  I would love to hear your thoughts on Lent in the comments below.

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Gratitude continued…

Today I had a great talk with my sister Laura, her thanking me for this blog and the way it makes her think about things.  I really don’t write this blog for any reason other than an online journal of sorts, but I am glad that she is reading it and thinking about it. If I can encourage anyone else in cultivating a grateful spirit, I guess it is just an added bonus of this whole thing.

We got to chatting about how ashamed we are of ourselves sometimes.  How difficult we find it to be grateful, even though we both know that we have so very much to be grateful for.  How easy it is to fall into a trap of self-pity, of jealousy, and how that bad attitude ruins you for any good that is happening in your life. We talked about my tendency to live anywhere but in the moment, preferring memories of my past or dreams of my future instead of the right now. How much of a challenge it is to embrace today, to find good things in the here and now.

It was a good chat that I know has left both of us thinking about, praying for, and finding our grateful. So today, I choose to be grateful for my Lola, my little sister who has always been my sounding board, my best friend who lives somewhere else but is just always a phone call or a text message away.  I am so grateful for the love that exists between sisters, it is unlike any other kind.  It is silly, it is over-the-top, it is dramatic, it is intense, it is precious, and it is everlasting.  It is a gift, and for it I am so very grateful.

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I Lost It…

Computer has been on the fritz the past few days…funny how it coincides with my losing my grateful heart.

Last night as I was laying in bed complaining to Michael about my overwhelming, life-altering, sometimes uncontrollable desire to have a child, he asked me if I had already abandoned my New Year’s Resolution of living in the moment and unearthing my grateful heart.

As much as that comment made me angry, and let’s be real when we say that it probably was not the right thing for him to say at that particular moment, he was right. Just a couple of weeks into the New Year and here I am back on the same old path. It is so easy to fall back into old habits, into the ‘if-onlies’.  All of that just leads to a general dissatisfaction with life and where I am now. So here I am again, trying to foster this grateful heart. Though challenging, I know that it is the right thing to do.  Maybe one day, when I fall back into an old habit, it will be the habit of gratefulness.

Today I am grateful for my sweet friend Cassy, who was blessed with the most beautiful baby girl last week. As long as I have known her she has been waiting to be a momma to a little girls, and I am so happy that this last week she got to become that!

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Today I am so gratful for my friends.  I have been blessed with many wonderful friends, and although I do not get to see most of the as often as I would like, we always catch up where we left off. I am so thankful to have them all in my life!

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